Penny Barber in a Chastity Craze video clip

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It looks like you and your dick aren't going anywhere at all! What would you do for this key? You see how close my mouth and hands are to your locked up dick.
I know it's turning you on the more and more I tease you. Being locked in chastity is a punishment you deserve. I know it's been a while since someone focused this much on your cock but it looks so good all locked up in it's cage. I can't even remember the last time I let you out it's been so long.
Your dick is trying to get hard but it can't. You control the cock, you control the man. You will never get your dick into my pussy. The only place your dick belongs is in chastity all locked up nice and tight!
- Penny Barber

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Danica Logan Allura Skye Group Chastity Femdom

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Look at what we have here! This chastity device is for your tiny little cock.
We'll squish it into here and then lock it up like it's supposed to be. And the best part about it is that we'll have the key the entire time. Your dick won't be able to get hard and the more we turn you on and tease you, the more you will suffer.
It will be absolutely amazing watching your dick all locked up in chastity and just how submissive you become. We might just toss the key and forget about you!
- Danica Logan & Allura Skye

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Jolene Hexx is sick and tired of her slave jerking off so she decided to put his pathetic prick in a cage. The fellow will not be able to get hard unless it's what the hot brunette sex bomb desires.
I thought it would be fun to keep your dick hostage for a long time it this metal cage. You will not be able to have an erection except when I want you to. But I don't think there is any need for your miserable cock to ever be hard. You will do everything with your dick in this chastity since you will not be permitted to ever take it off.
It will probably hurt like hell every morning when you get your morning wood. I don't think you will ever be able to get used to that. This is my cock now so I will do with it what I please.
- Jolene Hexx

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Jasmine Shy Asian Big Tits Milf Femdom Chastity

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Do you see what I have in my hands?
That's right it's a chastity device and your dick will soon be stuffed inside of it and locked up for good. It will be oh so painful and yet so hot for me while I tease your locked up cock.
Good luck trying to get out because your balls will be hanging out preventing you from getting off. I will hold the key right here in my bra and get you all worked up while your pathetic dick jams up against the sides of it's cage. You're a pathetic locked up loser!
- Mistress Jasmine Shy

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Taylor Raz in a chastity device femdom video

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You're such a little slut and I'm so glad that you agreed to let me lock you into chastity. I now own you and I am going to hold onto this key. Your dick now belongs to me, Taylor Raz.
You won't be able to get hard once you're locked up and you know I'm going to tease you every single day. I'm going to put these pink panties over your locked up dick to make you feel even more humiliated and helpless.
Haha you look so PATHETIC locked up in chastity. Maybe I'll just lose the key and keep you locked up for the rest of your life. Either way, your dick now belongs to me so get use to it.
- Taylor Raz

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Cydel plans to have a lot of fun today, and you're going to be a part of the entertainment. See, this chick plans to get you all locked up and under her control.
Today's going to be very special - you see, I plan to introduce you to a new little friend that I've got. I've been thinking, and I believe that it's time for you to be put in a cage - like a wild animal. So, get naked for me and bring your cock over here.
That flaccid little cock is going to be locked away so I can make sure that you're never getting hard. Why? Well it's simple, really: because I said so. I'm your mistress, and if I decide that locking your cock up so that you can't get solid or play with yourself is the thing to do, then you can bet your ass that's what's going to happen.
- Cydel

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Princess Anna Femdom Tube Videos Chastity Humiliation

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Princess Anna realizes how pathetic and submissive you are and how big of a mistake you made by locking your dick into chastity and letting her be the keyholder. She has on a sexy silky pink dress you bought her as she dangles the key to your chastity device and freedom right in front of your face while you are down on your knees.
How badly do you want to be let out of chastity so you can stroke that dick? Well guess what, Princess Anna is not done playing her little chastity game with you and your dick is her property and she has you under her control. You will remained locked up!
She teases you again by dangling the key in front of your face and mentions the possibility of throwing it away and keeping you locked up forever. It must be so uncomfortable for you to be locked up in chastity with your dick constantly pressing up against the cage of that chastity device. You haven't cum in weeks. but it's too bad! Losers like you stay locked up for a Princess like her!
- Princess Anna

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Making You Gay - Gay & Bi Fantasy

Making You Gay Bi Fantasy Feminization Crossdressing Cuckolding
You'll do anything for a couple of hot bitches won't you? I think we should totally whore you out and make you suck dick. You've always thought of sucking another man off and being humiliated by femdommes

Femdom Craze - Femdom POV Megasite

Femdom Craze Femdom POV
Femdom Craze is the premier Femdom POV Megasite with over 4 daily updates of a variety of femdom & humiliation related niches. Enjoy hundreds of videos with safe anonymous billing malware free.

Eat Your Cum - Cum Eating Instruction

Eat Your Cum CEI Cum Eating Instructions
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Foot Fetish Addiction - Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Addiction Foot Fetish Worship
Look at my size 7 feet and how much you so desperately want them. I can spread them very wide and have you lick in between all of them. How about you stick your dick in between my arches

Chastity Craze - Chastity

Chastity Craze Chastity Humiliation
It's a chastity device and your dick will soon be stuffed inside of it and locked up for good. It will be oh so painful and yet so hot for me while I tease your locked up cock

Jerk Your Dick - Jerk Off Instruction

Jerk Your Dick JOI Jerk Off Instruction
Are you ready to masturbate for me? You know you've always wanted to stick your dick inside of my pussy since I was a hot, sexy cheerleader. My body and tits totally turn you on and you love it

Ballbusting POV - Ballbusting

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Giantess Fetish Clips - Giantess

Giantess Fetish Clips Size Fetish
Haha I almost stopped on you but I think that's what you want! You love getting crushed under a giantess like me and love being humiliated for just how tiny you are

Small Penis Humiliators - SPH

Small Penis Humiliators SPH Small Penis Humiliation
We can't believe that you actually pulled that small dick out of your pants in front of us. You're pathetically disgusting and should be ashamed to have such a tiny dick!